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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WATCH FOR SWINGS AT KCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Within the next two weeks, five beautiful swings with arbors will be added to the KCU campus. Please take a walk sometime and enjoy a few minutes in one of the swings if you are ever in the Grayson area!!

I will take pictures after the swings have been placed in their special locations.

Memory boxes are mailed out so often that we are in need of more supplies. We will be ordering 50 more copies of each book contained in the memory boxes in the next few months. Windchimes will be ordered as well. We are thankful for the donations that we receive. They allow us to continue the ministry of reaching families who are brokenhearted.

I am always happy to come and speak at women's events and share about the work of the foundation, so please let me know if you are ever interested or in need of a speaker. I consider it an honor to continue Nick's legacy and share the love of God at the same time.

Chosen for a painful road yet trying to embrace it with passion and purpose,

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