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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In All Things Give Thanks....................

Two years ago, Nick was here.

Very sick but he was here.

It's almost surreal to remember that Thanksgiving Day. Friends from church brought our Thanksgiving Dinner in stages..............

Nick watched the Titans play one last game, and he was well enough to bet Erich $2.50 that his team would win..................

And they did!

Nick had a rough episode right after the game ended that afternoon, and he never woke back up. He went home two days later on the 29th of November surrounded by all of his brothers, one of his best friends, his sister, Tim, and me, and nearly 30 people from our community.

The room was full of love as we cried and said our "see you soon's"

Nick began humming right before he passed away and the room felt so full of energy that I truly believe it was packed with angels and that Nick was singing as he left with Jesus.

I'm thankful for that memory as we enter this Thanksgiving week.

We miss Nick so much, but we wouldn't trade our pain for a life that never had him as our son.

We began Nick's foundation within hours of our temporary good-bye, and our first donation came in an envelope at church. In it was $2 folded up into a very small square wrapped around 2 quarter............ a total of $2.50. At first I thought it was from a child who was a friend of Nick's, and then I remembered Erich's bet on Thanksgiving Day. I knew right that minute that Erich was "paying up."

Thank you for sharing life with us as we strive to help others who are hurting.

In His Grip,

Tammy (Nick's Mom Forever)

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