One of Nick's favorite songs!


Monday, January 31, 2011


I do not visit here as often as I should.

It's tough sometimes to come and hear the music and see his huge smile and know that I can never get closer to his love than through a photograph.

But I think of you, the ones who loved him too. I think of how you have helped us help others who are hurting by giving and supporting Nick's foundation, and I want to say "thank you."

We have purchased beautiful swings with arbors to place all around the campus of the university where my husband teaches. They will be stained and placed in their new homes once the winter season ends and spring starts blooming. I am excited!

We are narrowing down the focus of the foundation in 2011. Memory boxes will become our focal point from this time forward. God seems to be using our grief to help others who are hurting, and we want to build this ministry in the years ahead.

Thank you for helping us by making donations when you can. We always smile and say "thank you" when we receive a token of love through the mail or through Paypal. All funds are used for the ministry of Nick's foundation in some fashion to encourage others.

We will be restocking our memory box supplies in the next few weeks. I sit amazed to think that since Nick passed away we have mailed out nearly 50 memory boxes around the world..............a reminder that we do not grieve alone.

Thank you for loving us through our pain,


  1. Every once and a while I stumble across another child with my son's diagnoses ... but this one today I found and I sitting here with tears ... my son's name is also Nicholas and he was diagnosed in May 2010, he's a baby .. 8 months old ... I need to keep praying for a cure ....
    God Bless you and your family ...

  2. Angelia,

    How is your sweet boy.

    I love you.

    I am praying.