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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nick's Forever Updates......Latest email

Dearest Friends and Family,

I always try to wait til I have some "real news" before emailing you. I know how busy life is and our "inbox" can get so full every day!

I did want to share just a couple of prayer requests. Jared, a little boy from our area, is not doing well at all physically in his battle with brain cancer. Please lift up his family. Julie, a little girl from our area will be undergoing brain surgery for seizures very soon. Please pray that the surgery goes well and helps her with her condition. Sam is a little boy from the Columbus area who is in a big fight with cancer right now too.

Our family continues to face each new day without Nick in the best way that we can.

Many days are so busy that I almost feel as if Nick is in the midst of them somewhere and I just happen to be in a different room or different location. Then other days when things are quiet, I realize he's really not here. I see a video game controller laying in the same position that has been for weeks and know that Nick's not here to play it. I walk into his room and realize that nothing has been moved. I see his friends laughing or planning their next big event and I want to see Nick in the huddle and can't. I go to the store and see his favorite snack or drink and want so desperately to put it in my cart......those are the things that get me.

But then, thankfully, I remember God's promises. And I realize that NICK IS GREAT! He is right where we all long to be......without need for entertainment, video games, snacks.........He is in the Presence of the Almighty God feasting at His banqueting table! How could I ever long for him to be back here. No, it's more of a longing for God to come take us all Home.

And then my mind goes to those who I know are not where they need to be with God, and I feel guilty for longing for the world to end. So many have not accepted Jesus as Lord of their life. What will it take? I want to tell them how freeing it is to just let go fo this world's problems and cling to the One who can carry them through. I want to make the decision for them, but I can't.

So I just pray. And while I'm praying, I try so hard to just live for Him-trusting that He will continue to carry me and our family through our grief. I know He is faithful. He never promised it would be easy.

Today and tomorrow are Fall Break for Todd and Olivia. And we are getting ready for a HUGE YARD SALE that will take place Saturday right across the street from First Church of Christ! People have been donating things for MONTHS! I am a little overwhelmed at how many things we have received, but I am so excited to know that every penny we make will go to the orphanage project in Damoh, India!

Every quarter, every dollar..........will be sent straight to India to help build a kitchen and dining hall for the kids there who now have no place to really sit together and eat a meal. Kids who are all disabled in some way....blind, deaf, missing arms or legs.

Oh, I am praying that this yard sale will be a testament to the love people have deep inside them!

Please come by if you are in the area and if nothing else, buy a .50 cent shirt or something to give to someone who needs clothes! I just know that God will take our little offerings and make them a huge blessing!!!

See you Saturday!!

Anytime between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.!!!

Across the road from First Church of Christ, on the corner of 2nd and Pomeroy Street!!!

Love to all of you and as always, thank you for every prayer you lift for our family.

In Him,
Tammy Nischan
Phil. 4:4

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